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Tips on choosing a local auto glass company

The odds are pretty great that if you own a car or truck and drive in New Jersey, sooner or later you are going to look for a company to replace your cracked windshield.  There are a few tips that you should follow to insure that you get a quality job for a reasonable price, especially if you need something done quickly.

Here are some simple tips that will guarantee a quality job and competitive pricing.

* If a company is trying to convince you to buy a higher quality glass claiming it will perform better, you are most likely being  
  ripped off.

Every auto glass company pretty much uses the same quality windshields and buys them from the same sources. The Department of Transportation requires every manufacturer to meet strict safety and quality standards. Just because you buy original glass for your vehicle does not mean the glass is going to be more durable or crack less. The only time you should pay extra for original glass would be if you have a new model car or truck with a new body style and there is no inventory of parts available to support the consumer demand.  The formula for glass pricing follows a traditional supply and demand curve.  Glass in short supply yields a high price and older more common pieces might even cost less as the supply grows.

* Going with a large company with multiple locations is not advised.  Buy from a reputable local owner operated firm
   and you will get better service. 

Large companies rarely have large on site inventories as claimed and buy from the same distributors as your local glass shops. These franchises also have enormous employee turnover along with inexperienced installers that are paid less and given incentives to work faster. The fact is, every experienced career auto glass mechanic will most likely chose to work for a smaller independent firm the emphasizes quality verses volume.  A good glazier takes pride in workmanship and is less likely influenced to use shabby industry short cuts to save time and jeopardize his career and reputation.

* Choose a local company in your area that has many happy customers and has been in business for over 10 years.

Chances are if a company has endured for more then 10 years they have figured out that word of mouth, quality, price and workmanship is the key to longevity. When you deal with a local company they will most likely be more considerate to your needs in making an appointment and returning to the job if anything needs be adjusted at a later date.  A company that dispatches employees from 75 miles away will be less likely to return if you have a problem with the guarantee, installation and especially if you have a leak.

Follow these three tips and you will drive away very satisfied that you got a quality windshield installed for the right price.

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